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Save water, save money

We're committed to conserving water and resources for the greater good. With our innovative Oxygenics technology, we're able to help reduce the strain on our planet's natural resources like fresh water and energy.

Water saving shower heads

The water crisis is a problem for all of us. With rising water rates, drought, and environmental issues, we have to take every measure possible to save water. With these eco-friendly shower heads you can start saving water and electricity as soon as you get them installed.

Save more water with every shower

It only takes a few minutes for a standard shower head to consume about 20 litres of water. This can add up quickly if you're not careful! Oxygenics patented technology will save up to 30% water without sacrificing comfort or quality, meaning you'll be able to take longer showers without worry.

Simple installation and easy maintenance

No more complicated installation process - just screw it on and start saving! The Oxygenics shower head is designed to get a grip on and screw onto your existing shower hose.