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We have a wide range of smart timers and smart lights to automate your home perfectly suited for South Africa.

Automation is all about efficiency and ease of use - no more forgetting to turn lights on or off - you can automate that and virtually every appliance you own with our easy to use smart products!

Firstly we have the amazing smart downlights - like all the other smart bulbs these are plug & play, 100% guaranteed to amaze you and everyone you show them off to! These are all GU10 smart lights meaning they fit into your standard South African fitting without any hassle.

Our second most popular item is the common bedside E14 smart bulb. Set the tone in the room for relaxing, reading, set the light to switch on / off at certain times other events set on the app. The possibilities are vast and growing

Then we have the DB board mounted smart timer switch - conveniently used to time geysers, pumps - actually it doesn't matter what you want to control with this useful device - if it is powered through the DB board you can connect most things through this.

Popular with the tik tokkers and adults alike Smart LED Strip Lights are versatile, stunning and very useful since they are RGBW - meaning it has 16 million colours and 3000 variations of white allowing you to use this in a wide variety of applications

Lastly turn any light or appliance (<16A) into a smart light or appliance using this easily installed smart switch. Small enough to hide in any space, once connected you can control ordinary lights or appliances from your mobile device.