LED Downlights

We have a wide range of LED Down Lights for sale to replace those power hungry Halogen Lights. Also known as LED down lights or LED downlighters or even LED spotlights these lights are a great way to cut your home or business lighting bill.

Our LED Down lights use between 3 & 9 Watts of power compared to the 50W that a halogen downlighter uses. This means you can cut your consumption by up to 94%.

LED downlights va Halogen: Halogen down lights are only designed to last around 1,500 hours where LED down lights will last around 50,000 hours. This means less hassle replacing lights all the time and less replacement costs!

Prices of LED Downlights have fallen dramatically as the technology has become more main stream so now it is more affordable than ever to make the change!

So if you make use of down lights in your home or business it would be extremely cost effective over the long term to make the change now to LED Down Lights. 

You can view our complete range of down lights below. You can also read our LED downlight reviews from happy clients at the bottom of each product page.

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