Calculate Your LED Lighting Savings

Many people are still confused about the cost benefits of LED Lighting. All they see is the higher cost price compared to CFL, Halogen and other types of lighting and feel that it is too expensive.

What people don't understand is that LED's are a LOT cheaper to operate and own. They also last a lot longer so save you money on electricity and replacement bulbs as well for a longer period of time.

The below image shows a snapshot of our LED Calculator which allows you to input all your specific data. The spreadsheet then calculates what it costs to own and operate your current bulbs versus what it would cost to own the LED equivalents.

It then shows you the annual savings, payback period and expected savings over 5 years.

You can download and use the LED ROI Calculator via the below link:Β 


If you need assistance with the LED Savings Calculator please do not hesitate to contact us.