Most people don't know what wattage LED Lights will replace their current lighting options they have in their home and business.

The below tables are designed to help you with that dilemma. It shows you exactly what LED Lights you should get to replace your current light fittings.

LED Tubes Fluorescent Equivalent Energy Savings
600mm (2 Foot) LED Tube - 8 Watts 600mm 18W Fluorescent Tube 55%
900mm (3 Foot) LED Tube - 14 Watts 900mm 24W Fluorescent Tube 58%
1200mm (4 Foot) LED Tube - 18 Watts 1200mm 36W Fluorescent Tube 50%
1500mm (5 Foot) LED Tube - 22 Watts 1500mm 58W Fluorescent Tube 65%


LED Floodlights Conventional Floodlight Energy Savings
10W LED Flood Light 100W Halogen  90%
20W LED Flood Light 150W Halogen 86%
30W LED Flood Light 250W Halogen  88%
50W LED Flood Light 350W Halogen  85%
100W LED Flood Light 500W Halogen  80%


LED Bulbs Conventional Floodlight Energy Savings
5W LED Bulb 45W Incandescent 88%
7W LED Bulb 60W Incandescent 88%
10W LED Bulb 100W Halogen 90%
R50 5W LED Bulb 40W Incandescent 87%
R80 9W LED Bulb 70W Halogen  87%