Please pay careful attention to the below information specifically the 12V and Dimmable LED Downlight advisory else you LED downlights may not work correctly!


AC  230V LED Downlights

Nothing to change with this option! Simply remove your old downlights and replace with the new and energy efficient LED downlights.

DC 12V LED Downlights

Most 12v LED Downlights are not compatible with electronic halogen transformers which is why we recommend making the change to 220v LED Downlights instead. LED Transformers are expensive and due to the legal requirements in South Africa each downlight needs its own transformer. The change to 220v is much cheaper and you get more efficiency as the transformer uses electricity itself and can also break down. With 220v there are less components and therefore less can go wrong!

Dimmable LED Downlights

We have specially designed dimmable LED lights.

Our dimmable LED lights only work with push button dimmer switches only! In most cases the dimmable downlights will work with your current push button dimmer switch. If it does not work you will need to change it our for our LED Dimmer Module