How to Pay with Bitcoin

November 20, 2017
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Bitcoin is a secure digital currency and since we are a digital business we are pretty big fans of the technology and want to make it as easy as possible for people to spend bitcoin in South Africa.

Below we outline the steps needed to do so:

1. Get a Wallet

You'll need a bitcoin wallet, an app that lets you spend, receive and hold bitcoin. This app works exactly like Snapscan or Zapper, but instead of linked to your bank account or credit card it is linked to your Bitcoin.

We recommend the wallet - they are South Africa's largest Bitcoin exchange.

You can visit Luno's website here: LUNO

2. Buy Some Bitcoin

Once you have the app you can easily buy or sell Bitcoin

3. Place Your Order Online

You will add items from our store to your cart as usual and once you are ready to checkout, you need to select "Bitpay" from the payment options and then click "Complete Order"


This will redirect to the Bitpay screen where you can scan the QR Code with your Luno Wallet

That's it! Once confirmed it will take you to the completed order page and we will process and ship your order!

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