How to calculate downlight LED Downlight Spacing

August 28, 2013
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We get asked this question a lot so we thought we'd get a blog post out there to address the issue of LED down light spacing.

LED down lights beam angles are a lot more accurate than halogen - most halogens advertise a 38 degree beam angle but in reality it is a lot wider than that (Refer Older Blog Post Here). 

So while many LED suppliers offer a 38 degree LED option this in many cases is too narrow for most houses and businesses as they are in fact used to a wider spread. 

We at Future Light offer 2 different beam angles - a 45 Degree (5W LED Downlight) and a 60 Degree (9W LED Downlight)

These options give the necessary light spread for most applications making retrofits a fairly straightforward process.

In order to graphically present the light spreads we took some photos of the 2 different beam options from your standard ceiling height of 2.7 meters.

  • 5W (45 degree) LED Down light gives a 2.4 meter spread
  • 9W (60 degree) LED Down light gives a 3.5 meter spread 

You can use this guide for your down light spacing in a new room.

We always start by dividing the height of the ceiling by two. For our example  example if you have a room that is 10 square meters you can use 4 x 5W LED down lights or 3 x 9W LED down lights. The light spread also tells you that you need to have your lights installed roughly 1.25 meters (5W LED Down light) from the wall if you only want floor lighting or a little closer if you want light to wash the walls for photos or other decorative pieces.

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See below for the images. 

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5W LED Downlight Spacing 



9W LED Downlight Spacing


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