LED Downlight Colour Options

September 04, 2013
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Halogen downlights have always been limited to one colour - Warm White, which is kinda boring! Now with LED downlights you have the option of 3 distinct colour options allowing you to match the light colour to specific spaces.

For example many people like a really crisp white light in the kitchen to allow them to work accurately and safely, while living rooms are more suited to a warmer light. Halogen downlights never gave you that option but now with LED downlights you can choose various colours for each area.

Warm White LED Downlight

This is the standard halogen equivalent colour of 2800k - most people prefer to use this in the living rooms, TV rooms and bedrooms. A great warm light.

Cool White LED Downlight

This is a crisp white colour of 6000k. Ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms and many clients also make use of this colour in a commercial or retail environment.

Natural White LED Downlight

The natural white LED downlight is my personal favourite as it sits in the middle of the colour spectrum at around 4500k. This makes it ideal for every application and I love this colour option! The new natural white downlight is available in our 5W LED Downlight and 5W Dimmable LED Downlight!

In Summary

The above recommendations are just guidelines into how we've seen our clients use the various LED downlight colours, but it is a personal choice and any colour option can be used in any environment.

So what downlight colour are you?

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