Middleweight Battle: 60W Incandescent vs 5W LED Bulb

March 25, 2013
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The incandescent light bulb has been around for over a century and revolutionised our lives and the way we live! But now we believe that a SERIOUS contender to the 60W Incandescent bulb has arrived - Our New 5W LED Bulb. -- or our even newer 5W Rechargeable Bulb

The LED Bulb, contains no mercury so is safe, uses only 5 watts of power and will last well over 40,000 hours. LED bulbs have had major issues in the past but the technology has come a long way in 12 months.

We hope to put away all the concerns with this posting comparing the 5W LED Bulb to the energy sapping 60W Incandescent.

5W LED Bulb vs 60W Incandescent Bulb


60W Incandescent

5W LED Bulb

Wattage 60 Watts 5 Watts
Lifespan 1,000 Hours 50,000 Hours
Electricity Cost per Unit R1.25 R1.25
Daily Operating Hours 10 Hours 10 Hours
Daily Watts Used 600 Watts 50 Watts
Daily Running Costs R0.75 R0.06
Monthly Running Costs (Daily x 30) R22.50 R1.87
Yearly Running Costs (Monthly x 12)


Yearly Replacement Costs (Lifespan / Running Hours) R29.20 R5.47


This calculation shows that it costs R299.20 to run and maintain a 60W Incandescent compared to a 5W LED Bulb which will cost you R27.97

In addition a 5W LED Bulb will last over 13 years if you are running them 10 hours a day so if we calculate the costs over a 13 year time frame a 60W Incandescent Bulb will cost you R3889.60 per bulb in electricity and maintenance costs whereas a 5W LED Bulb will only cost you R363.61. These figures exclude inflation and electricity costs so the actual savings are a lot greater.

So while the LED bulb does cost more to buy initially the savings more than make up for it and you will start seeing a return on your investment in under 8 months i.e. your LED bulb will pay for itself though energy savings.

With electricity costs soaring now is the time to make the change to LED Lighting, it costs too much not too!

Get the 5W LED Bulb now and start saving money on your home or business lighting costs immediately!

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Below you will see a picture of the 5W LED Bulb in action and below the 60W - Can you see much difference? In fact the LED looks even better!

5W LED Bulb

60W Incandescent 


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