How Long is 50,000 Hours?

March 12, 2013
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Most of our LED Lights are rated to last 50,000 hours but this doesn't mean that they are blown or completely failed at 50,000 Hours.

LED's are rated on a degrading lumens scale, LED Lights don't fail or die like halogen or incandescents they gradually fade over a period of time, and the accepted norm for LED Lights is L70. This L70 means that it still has 70% of its original light output. So when you see a 50,000 hour lifespan, it refers to the L70 time frame - so your LED Light will still have 70% of it's original light output at 50,000 hours.

1. How Long is 50,000 hours:

  • 50,000 Hours to days = 2083 Days
  • 50,000 Hours to months = 69 Months
  • 50,000 Hours to years = 5.7 years

Most business and households only run their LED Lights for a certain number of hours a day, so below you will find expected lifespans for a number of different running times.

  • 3 Hours Daily Running Time = 45 Years
  • 6 Hours Daily Running Time = 22 Years
  • 12 Hours Daily Running Time = 11 Years
  • 24 Hours Daily Running Time = 6.5 Years

We hope this little post has shed some more light on why LED Lights are the Future or Lighintg!

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