Audi sheds light with Matrix LED headlamps

February 25, 2013
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Picture this: you’re driving at night on a long and rather pleasant section of deserted road, and all of a sudden some character drives past thinking you have super vision and won’t be blinded by their car’s brights. Happens all the time, right? Audi has set about to put an end to this… although it has to get past America to do it.

The LED headlight is practically Audi’s trademark. Each of its cars have their own signature design, which shows up at night when the lights are on. If you’re a car nerd, you can probably spot whatever vehicle it is by headlights alone.

But it’s not enough. Audi is trying to revolutionise vehicle headlights even further by eliminating the possibility of getting temporarily blinded by someone else’s brights. Called Matrix LED headlights, the manufacturer’s design essentially eliminates the need for high and low-beam lights, instead using dynamic headlights that change intensity on their own.

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