RAF finds LED lighting to be perfect fit for helicopter base

February 06, 2013
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The Defense Infrastructure Organization (DIO), along with PriDE, has installed new solid-state lighting (SSL) at the Royal Air Force (RAF) helicopter base, RAF Benson, in Oxfordshire, UK. The LED lighting retrofit is expected to save £110 million ($173 million) by 2014, and £70 million ($110 million) each year afterwards. One hanger has already been converted, and the remaining hangers will be updated with LED lighting over the next 12 months.

The change in lighting offers more than just cost savings, the new lights reduce carbon emissions and do not need to warm up like conventional HID hangar lighting. These lighting changes are part of the DIO’s Energy Spend to Save program.

“We’re extremely pleased with the effect of the new lighting system in the hangar,” said Steve Rowley, a sensior engineering officer, “Much of the engineering work undertaken on the Merlin helicopter is comparatively complex due to the high-tech systems the aircraft employs, thus maximum light conditions to enable attention to detail is extremely beneficial. In addition, the increase in light levels has given a better and safer overall working environment for our engineers, all of which contributes to successful operations.”

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