Nano LED Tubes

The new revolutionary material - Nano-Plastic - is taking the LED tube work by storm due to its superior performance, luminosity and durability.

Having launched in late 2016 Nano LED Tubes are proving to be extremely popular with leading brands and manufacturers. By far the biggest feature of the new Nano LED tubes is the price - savings up to 50% can be had while not losing any ground in terms of quality or durability. In fact Nano LED Tubes are far superior to their glass and poly-carbonate counterparts in many aspects.

Due to the harsh light emitted by LED chips most tube manufactures opted for frosted lenses to soften the glare. However this had the unwanted effect of reducing light output or lumens. Nano LED tubes provides the solution to this problem, using nano particles which transmit light without sacrificing lumens but also reduce unwanted glare. Luminous efficiency can be as high as 92% or up to 12% more than standard poly-carbonate lensed tubes.

The Nano LED Tubes are also far lighter and provide substantially better heat dissipation compared to standard LED tubes. This is because Nano LED Tubes are twice as thin as standard LED Tubes, but they conduct heat extremely well. Heat and Cold tests reveal that Nano LED tubes outperform other LED tube lights.

Nano Tubes maintain structural integrity for extremely long periods of time while undergoing tests for straightness, discoloration, oxidation and light transmittance under extreme temperatures. They also offer twice as much bend endurance as poly-carbonate tubes and remain completely in tact during drop tests from 2 meters. These make Nano LED tubes a much safer and durable option when compared to glass LED Tubes.

As one can tell Nano LED Tubes are a game changer for the LED Tube market, as they prove that the best quality materials, longest lasting light levels can also be the least expensive.

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