How to Find a Product to Sell Online

We are always getting asked "How did you start this website" - and we thought we'd put a post up about Shopify - our ecommerce website service provider who we've used to build this website. By partnering up with them we were able to concentrate on the business of finding products and suppliers, we didn't have to waste time getting a brand new website built - Shopify has 100's of templates and apps allowing you to build a world class website without world class knowledge of building such sites. So go on, check out the post below and check out their offering here.

How to Find a Product to Sell Online

One of the biggest hurdles for ecommerce entrepreneurs starting an online business is the very first step of figuring out what products to actually sell online. This seemingly mountainous choice typically ends up being the reason most people never actually start their online business in the first place.In an effort to help aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs, Shopify analyzed and reverse engineered hundreds of online businesses, their products, and niches to put together the most comprehensive guide to help you zero-in on a product and niche, so you can get started building your ecommerce business.

Shopify’s guide, How to Find a Product to Sell Online, gives you an easy-to-follow framework for finding, evaluating, and validating product ideas that you can build a profitable online business around. From scoping out the competition to locating a supplier, this guide helps to break down the process step by step to help you find the perfect product. 

Learn more about finding a product to sell online in Shopify’s guide, How to Find a Product to Sell Online 

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