The Next Stage in Energy Efficiency

Back in the 90's, the only place where you would see and LED would be on the on/off buttons of your electrical devices, and only came in red, yellow, green, and more red. With a couple of technological breakthroughs, LEDs are now the next big thing in efficient lighting, increasing the efficiency of a regular light bulb from a measly 10% (from the tungsten bulbs) to the range of 80 to 90%, and increasing the its lifetime so that you only need to change it once every seven to ten years. That is a huge feat, considering just how much we rely on artificial lighting.

The quality of light is getting better now too, when just a few years back the only LED lighting on the market produced a cool clinical, blueish light that felt not at all homely - today you would hardly be able to tell the difference. Most importantly, they are affordable. Unlike installing solar panels on your rooftops (for those of you lucky enough to own one), or pricey electric vehicles, the LED is only slightly more expensive than the regular and CFL alternatives. What's more, you make it back very quickly with its super long lifetime and efficiency. LED televisions are still on the pricey side, but give it a little more time and its higher price tag might just about justify your purchase, considering the superior image quality it provides and the savings off your electricity bill - yes, televisions are big electricity guzzlers!

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