13W CFL Candle vs 4W LED Candle - 87% Less Electricity Costs!

March 05, 2013
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LED Candles are a great way to lower your electricity costs! This short posting will highlight just how LED Bulbs save you money.

Many people have chandeliers, bed side lamps or wall lamps that use 40W Incandescent Candles - we can cut your electricity consumption to 5W per bulb with the new E14 LED Candle - that's 35W less or ab 87% saving!

Below you will find a calculation to show you just how LED Candles save you money!

13W CFL Candle vs 4W LED Candle


13W CFL Candle

4W LED Candle

Wattage 13 Watts 4 Watts
Lifespan 6,000 Hours 50,000 Hours
Electricity Cost per Unit R1.25 R1.25
Daily Operating Hours 10 Hours 10 Hours
Daily Watts Used 130 Watts 40 Watts
Daily Running Costs R0.16 R0.05
Monthly Running Costs (Daily x 30) R4.87 R1.50
Yearly Running Costs (Monthly x 12) R58.50  R18.00
Yearly Replacement Costs (Lifespan / Running Hours) R13.38 R7.22


This calculation shows that it costs R71.88 to run and maintain a 13W CFL Candle compared to a 4W LED Candle which will cost you R25.22

In addition a 4W LED Candle will last over 13 years if you are running them 10 hours a day so if we calculate the costs over a 13 year time frame a 13W CFL will cost you R934.44 per bulb in electricity and maintenance costs whereas a 4W LED Candle will only cost you R327.86. These figures exclude inflation and electricity costs so the actual savings are a lot greater.

So while the LED bulb does cost more to buy initially the savings more than make up for it and you will start seeing a return on your investment in under 8 months i.e. your LED bulb will pay for itself though energy savings.

With electricity costs soaring now is the time to make the change to LED Lighting, it costs too much not too!

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Below you can see the comparison between a 13W CFL and 4W LED Candle - virtually no change in lighting but 87% less in costs!


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