LED light strip could help fight driver fatigue

March 04, 2013
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A driver assistance system that uses leds to alert distracted drivers to danger has been unveiled in the US.


The 'driver focus' system consists of leds integrated into a continuous lighting strip which surrounds the interior of the car, and a steering wheel mounted infrared camera that detects where the driver is looking. 

By analysing real time video of the driver's head and eye movements, an on board computer is able to tell where the driver is looking, and if they're showing signs of fatigue. 

The system is also able to monitor traffic conditions outside of the vehicle, such as if the car drifts out of its lane or gets too close to the vehicle it's following. 

Should any of these things occur, the led light strip uses situation dependent light signals to guide the driver's line of vision toward the source of danger. 

The leds can produce a trail of light, a flashing wall, or a different light signal. The danger level of the situation is indicated by the colour of the lights, which ranges from white to yellow to red. 

The idea is that drivers pick up on this in their peripheral vision and almost instinctively focus their attention in the desired direction.

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