DALI Dimmable LED Lights

March 02, 2014
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We have a wide range of DALI Dimmable LED Lights available on order for specific projects etc. If you are interested in DALI Dimmable LED Lights please feel free to contact us.



What is it?

Put simply, DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) is a two-way communication system that brings digital technology to lighting. The system allows individual lights to “talk” to the user and allows the user to “talk” back via DALI controllers, computers equipped with appropriate software, or building management systems (BMS).

How does DALI work?

Most of the hardware used in a DALI system is the same as what’s used in a more typical system. The big difference: With DALI, lights can be linked to a central computer, allowing each one to be controlled independently. 

Lights are connected using Class 1 (inside the conduit) or Class 2 (outside the conduit) wiring to make up a loop of no more than 64 lights. Each is given an address in the DALI system, and the loop is connected to a DALI control device. One individual network isn’t enough to cover an entire building; rather, several must be linked together to create a “network of networks,

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