How to Use LED Strip Lights in Your Lighting Design

January 22, 2014
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In this photo of a beautifully lit kitchen, LED strip lights – also called LED tape lights, LED ribbon lights and LED rope lights – were used for under- and over-cabinet lighting as well as to illuminate the countertops and cabinet toe-kicks.

Like the look? You can create it yourself with LED strip lights. These thin strips of tiny LED lights come with an adhesive backing for peel-and-stick installation. This type of LED lighting is not only easy to install, it is extremely energy-efficient and versatile. It is particularly popular in kitchens and baths, where task lighting in multiple areas is needed.

Depending on which brand you buy, LED strip lights are often available in different colored strips and there are usually options for the color of the light itself, ranging from warm white to cool white or even RGB color-changing.

Many interior designers and DIY homeowners are now discovering the versatility and usefulness of LED strip lights. They are a great option when you want to create accent lighting, which adds drama to a room by creating visual interest. As part of an interior design scheme, accent lighting is used to draw the eye to specific areas or objects such as houseplants, paintings and other prized possessions.

When tucked into bookshelves, under or above cabinets and inside coves, the LED strip light disappears, leaving targeted areas awash in light to aid in task work or highlight architectural features.

Another popular use for LED strip lights is for under-cabinet lighting, which illuminates countertops in the kitchen as well as vanities and mirrors in the bathroom. In bathrooms, LED strip lights can be tucked behind mirrors, under cabinets, above a tray ceiling and under the toe-kick to leave targeted areas awash in light and highlight architectural features.

Most LED strip lights are dimmable, making them an energy-efficient and money-saving alternative. Dimming is a great element to add to your lighting design because it creates different layers of light, which adds depth and dramatic impact to your space.

LED strip lights can transform residential spaces from “blah” to “ahhh.” Because they make a big impact on how your space looks, it’s important to invest in good-quality LED strip lights. When it comes to lighting, quality is key. Also, in the long haul, high-quality LED strip lights pay for themselves in terms of performance, durability, longevity and energy savings.

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